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G3 Cabrio 30 AR

The best-carrying avy pack from the Fall/Winter 2018 Gear Guide.

Brand: G3 Genuine Guide Gear

Model: Cabrio 30 AR


Most backcountry skiers like the idea of avy packs more than the reality: They’re often heavy and unwieldy. Not the CABRIO. G3 (in its first foray into pack-making) uses the Swiss-made Alpride 2.0 inflation system to cut weight and preserve packing space: Instead of soda can-size air or nitrogen canisters, it uses two Snickers-size cartridges (pictured) of CO2 and argon. Result? The CABRIO feels like a regular pack, close-fitting and narrow. Bonus: It has a true 30-liter volume, and easily fit layers, lunch, water, and avy tools.


Alpride 2.0 has one-time-use car- tridges (buy online) that are TSA-friendly. (We recommend checking the pack to avoid confusion
at security.) Pulling the trigger deploys a 150-liter airbag. Nice touch: The CABRIO offers A-frame and diagonal ski carry, plus vertical snowboard carry. 


“Most avy packs can’t do A-frame carry because it interferes with the airbag, but this one can, which helped balance my load on a climb up 12,009- foot Hyndman Peak in Idaho,” our tester says.

Weight: 4 lbs. 15 oz. (with Alpride 2.0); 

Size: 30 liters

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