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Fullpower Technologies MotionX-GPS Sport

This top-shelf GPS can pinch hit as a digital camera.

Brand: Fullpower Technologies

Model: MotionX-GPS Sport


Make a better mousetrap. That’s what Garmin did when they combined their award-winning Oregon 400t (Editors’ Choice Award, April 2009) with a 3.2-megapixel camera, creating a top-shelf GPS that can pinch-hit as a point-and-shoot. As a result, our map contributors came back with more trail photos than usual, all geo-referenced to their exact location. And the whole thing is a cinch to use, thanks to a three-inch color touch screen and universal icons that even a non-GPS user can understand.

You can access preloaded terrain maps in 3D, save up to 200 tracks and 2,000 waypoints, and use the microSD slot to expand the unit’s 850MB memory. Camera caveat: The 4x digital zoom and autofocus lens are best suited to landscape (not action) photos, and the image quality is best for blogs (not wall art). Bonus: The price includes a battery charger and two rechargeable AAs (expect 10-12 hours of runtime). $600; 5.3 oz.;

MotionX-GPS Sport is for your life in Sports and Outdoors. That’s Walking, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Biking, Sailing, Skiing, Flying, Racing and Geocaching.

▶ MotionX-GPS shows your position and track at all times on street, topo/terrain and satellite maps. You can follow your track back to where you started and email to multiple recipients with a single click your position, track, trip statistics (such as date, start time, elapsed time, distance traveled, average speed, etc.) and even a picture taken along the way.

▶ Supports GPX file import.

▶ iPhone 3GS magnetic compass integration.

▶ Access and control your iPod music directly.
✔ See your position and tracks anywhere in the world on fast live MotionX open topographic and road maps.
✔ MotionX map tiles can be cached for offline access and lightening fast rendering!
✔ Now with an option for Course-up maps.
✔ Direction-up maps integrated with the digital compass for the iPhone 3GS.
✔ Google and Bing Road, Satellite and Hybrid maps also included, for a total of eight map choices.
✔ No other app offers a bigger selection of maps.
✔ Save up to 303 personal waypoints for your favorite locations like your home, end of a hike or your favorite restaurant.
✔ Use MotionX TapTap™ technology for easy waypoint creation.
✔ Post your waypoints directly to Facebook or Twitter, or email them to share using Google Maps and Google Earth.
✔ View coordinates in UTM, MGRS, DMS, DM or D format.
✔ Save up to 101 tracks.
✔ See your track in real-time with Track up or North up, then follow it later if you want to retrace your path.
✔ Post your tracks directly to Facebook or Twitter, or email them to share using Google Maps and Google Earth.
✔ Record time, distance, speed and max speed.
✔ Add a photo during your activity to share the experience!
✔ Use the compass for orientation in True or Magnetic bearings.
✔ While navigating to a waypoint you can visualize your progress and ETA (estimated time of arrival).
Accelerometrics assisted GPS for enhanced accuracy.