Editors' Choice

Editors' Choice Snow 2019: Flylow Siren Bib

Say goodbye to baggy touring pants once and for all.

Brand: FlyLow Gear

Model: Siren Bib



1lbs. 3oz.

Well-fitting technical ski pants have long been elusive for women. Either they’re too slim and lack usable pockets, or have plenty of features but a baggy cut that affects both performance and aesthetics. Not so with the Siren: This bib has plenty of storage and boasts a dialed fit. “It hugged my waist and hips—not too tight, but not too lose—and fit over my ski boots perfectly, without billowing out like straight-leg bibs I’ve worn before,” one tester says. Five pockets (one on each leg, two hand pockets, and a horizontal chest pocket) also held the snacks, lip balm, and gloves we needed for tours on the Freshfield Icefield. Another smart design element: The suspenders unhook from the hip, so you can drop trou without shedding layers by unclipping and using the side zip.

The Siren is also great for temperature regulation. It’s made of The Perm, Flylow’s air-permeable, waterproof/breathable fabric that ensured our testers never boiled over, even when the sun was beating down on bluebird, 40°F days. And on a warm, wet tour up Tyndall Gorge in Rocky Mountain National Park the material never wet out.

While the 40-denier fabric is resilient, our tester did see some pilling on a thinner section near her waist. And this bib isn’t cheap. Still, those are about the only drawbacks of the Siren, the rare piece of gear that performs as great as it looks.

w’s XS-XL