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Fjällräven Polar -30 Sleeping Bag

The relaxed mummy fit and unique zipper configuration boost comfort.

Brand: Fjällräven Gear Review

Model: Polar -30 Sleeping Bag

Overall Rating: 4



4lbs. 12oz.

LIVABILITY Deep winter trips entail long nights and frequent storms, so you end up with lots of bag time. With nearly three pounds of 700-fill goose down, the Polar -30 (in Fahrenheit, that’s -22°) became our tester’s haven. It features a second, 17-inch zipper opposite the primary one, which allows you to sit up and pop both arms out, so you can mill about your tent without leaving the warmth of your bag. One chronically claustrophobic tester referred to it as her “escape hatch.” “Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had in a mummy,” she declared after a trip in Canada’s Ghost Wilderness.

HOOD Fjällräven’s hood design features a detachable synthetic fur collar. Aside from making you the most stylish person in camp, the faux fur traps condensation and prevents material around the face from icing over. “It snuggles my head so well that even when it was way below zero, I didn’t need to cinch the drawcords at all.”

DURABILITY BONUS Buttons along the draft tube mean you can still seal the bag if the zipper fails. Bummer: All the extra features make this one of the heaviest and priciest bags in its class.
$950; 4 lbs. 12 oz.; -22°F;