Farm to Feet White Mountain Lounger

Best camp sock

Brand: Farm to Feet

Model: White Mountain Lounger




When snow turned to sleet on an overnight in the North Cascades, we were glad to swap out our soaked liners for a pair of these ultracushy merino socks. The material’s warming ability is accentuated by the sheer amount of wool in the White Mountain Lounger: It’s 5 millimeters thick (trust us, that’s a lot), making it too bulky to fit into hiking boots but perfect for warming and drying up sodden toes during camp chill sessions. Wool terry loops (82 percent) are spun around a framework of Lycra (17 percent) and nylon (1 percent) so that only the high-pile merino bliss touches your skin. After a dozen washes our pair has started to pill, but there are no cold spots.

$30; 4.2 oz.; m’s S-XL, w’s S-L