2-Season Sleeping Bag Reviews

Eureka! Silver City 30 Sleeping Bag

A $90 bag that is worth so much more.

Brand: Eureka!

Model: Silver City 30

Overall Rating: 2.5



2lbs. 12oz.

[beginner ‘s bargain]

Why we like it You usually get what you pay for with sub-$100 bags—optimistic temperature ratings and sticky, flimsy zippers—but the Silver City proves that, sometimes, you can get more than you pay for.

Warmth Shivering is cold comfort for saving a few bucks. But Eureka! delivers affordable warmth with its updated proprietary insulation; it has more lofting power than previous generations, without an increase in weight. “I’m a cold sleeper, but even when the temps were right around freezing, I was comfortable in just a T-shirt and shorts,” says a tester after a long weekend in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. “I took the bag down to 20°F without getting chilled,” notes another, a self-described “somewhat warm sleeper.”

Smooth zipper “I’ve used bags that cost three times as much and don’t zip as easily as this one,” says one tester. Credit the anti-snag webbing and stitching that run along the zipper and eliminate extra drape in the lining fabric, reducing the chance for it to get jammed in the zipper teeth.

Tradeoff Standard fare for this type of bag: It’s bulky. Testers managed to squeeze it down to 12 inches by 7.5 inches, but only with a compression sack (not included). $90; 2 lbs. 12 oz.; 30°F; eurekatent.com