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Essential Backcountry Apps for Android Devices

Our app rocks: Geotag photos, overlay five weather maps (Doppler radar, cloud cover, wind, air and ocean temps) on your route ($30/year for weather) and store maps for off-the-grid use. free ($5 for Pro version,

2. My Tracks 
Google’s GPS-recording app monitors basic hiking stats and allows you to edit, share, and archive KML* data in Google’s easy-to-use Maps and Drive apps. Access data on mobile or desktop. Gripe: No offline map storage. free;

3. FxCamera 
Give your photos a creative boost with more than 40 filters and six effects that style photos with pro-level treatments without the expense of Photoshop software. Testers liked the fisheye setting for detail shots. free;

4. Google Sky Map
Point your tablet skyward and this app finds your location and display stars, planets, and deep-sky objects from the Hubble Space Telescope. The red display preserves night vision. free;

*KML Keyhole Markup Language: This data format allows you to view GPS tracks, waypoints, and multimedia on a Google Earth map.