Editors' Choice

Enerplex Generatr 100 (Battery Pack) & Commandr 20

Endless Power

Brand: Enerplex

Model: Generatr 100 & Commandr 20




Why we like it: Durability and capacity make this the best basecamping power system we’ve ever tested.

Battery pack: The notebook-size Generatr 100 may be too heavy for backpacking (though we brought it on ski tours to remote huts), but it’s perfect for power-hungry basecampers. Thanks to lithium ion tech, the battery packs 94 watt-hours of power—an amount typical of batteries three times as big. It can fully charge a laptop twice or an iPhone 6 about 30 times. It has USB ports and an AC plug.

Solar panel: You’d be hard-pressed to run out of power with the Generatr 100, but on extended trips or with big groups of power users, the 48-by-16-inch Commandr 20 keeps it going. Unlike most solar panels, the Commandr (which folds down to binder size) accordions out into a rigid sheet; this means it stays open to receive maximum sunlight (flexible solar panels fold over on themselves if not laid completely flat). The panel comes with a detachable regulator, so you can manage the amount of electricity it dispenses into your devices (so as to not waste any precious power).