Editors' Choice Snow Gold 2014: Nalgene 32 Ounce Ultralite Wide Mouth

A light, cheap, durable backcountry bottle - a perennial favorite.

Brand: 32 Ounce Ultralite Wide Mouth

Model: Nalgene




Water bottles come and go, but only this container gets the nod every time in winter. Here’s why: durability, safety, cost, and weight. One staffer’s been kicking his around for seven years. ���It’s got nicks and shallow gashes all over,” he says. “But it’s never leaked.” High-density polyethylene doesn’t leach chemicals when in contact with boiling water (that’s the conclusion of most science, but the debate is endless). Plus, it’s thick enough to keep hot water from deforming it (as can happen with thinner bottles). The rest is in the stats—it’s lighter and cheaper than most other backcountry-appropriate bottles. $7; 3.9 oz.;