Editors' Choice Snow 2014: Jetboil Joule Canister Stove

A winter stove that's not finicky.

Brand: Jetboil Camping Stove Reviews

Model: Joule



1lbs. 12oz.

Move over, white gas. There’s a new winter camp stove in town, and this one’s a lot easier to get along with. “No more dealing with frozen O-rings, fussy pumps, spilled fuel, or priming hassles,” raves one tester. The Joule’s unique, always-inverted canister (which pulls fuel as a liquid, rather than a gas) and integrated heat-exchanger pot bring the simplicity of canister cook systems to the fourth season (works down to at least 15°F). The result: a snow-melting powerhouse that’s so easy to use you can operate it with mitts on. A specially designed regulator keeps the Joule’s output constant at 10,000 BTUs, which let one tester create 14 liters of snowmelt during an hour-long session in Colorado’s Mt. Evans Wilderness, using just one 8-ounce fuel canister. In our controlled tests, a chilled (30F) but full canister boiled a liter of 360F water in just over three minutes. The insulated, 2.4-liter pot is big enough that the Joule can transition to a summer group cooker. Bonus: A piezo igniter lets you skip the lighter and keep your gloves on. $200;
1 lb. 12 oz.; jetboil.com