Editors' Choice Snow 2014: Good To-Go Thai Curry

A fast, dehydrated dish that's authentically tasty.

“Wow!” That was the unanimous verdict from our ravenous crew of skiers, who scarfed down bowl after bowl of this flavor-packed curry. It’s a hearty, belly-warming blend of jasmine rice, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and peas swimming in a spicy yellow curry sauce (note to vegetarians: ingredients include fish sauce). “The depth of flavor is remarkable for a dehydrated meal,” says one tester. “The sweet coconut milk powder balances the heat of the dried Thai chilies, but this meal is for those who like a little kick,” says another. Prep couldn’t be any easier: Just tear open the bag, mix in the coconut powder, add boiling water, seal, and do your best to wait 20 minutes. The recipe was created by avid backpacker and professional chef Jennifer Scism; each batch of curry is handmade using toasted and ground whole spices, real food, and no preservatives or additives. One serving contains 380 calories (130 from fat), 56 grams of carbs, 500 mg of sodium, and a good wallop of vitamin C (80 percent of your daily value). “Short of cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients, this is the closest thing you’ll ever find to authentic backcountry Thai food,” says one tester. $7 for 1 serving, $11 for 2; 3.4 oz./serving; goodto-go.com

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