Editors' Choice Snow 2014: Dynafit Radical Speed Turn Binding

Costs $200 less than any other new binding we tested this year without compromising performance.

Brand: Dynafit

Model: Radical Speed Turn Binding

Let’s face it: Ski gear ain’t cheap. Which is why we were thrilled with this new Dynafit binding, which costs $200 less than any other new binding we tested this year without compromising performance. The trick? It leverages the machining and tooling of Dynafit’s proven models while changing the materials (from a softer to a harder plastic; from aluminum to stainless steel) to reduce weight and cost, yet increase strength. It weighs just a pound and a half per pair, yet, according to one tester, it delivers solid, no-frills, get-me-up-and-down-the-mountain performance. She skied it in boot-top fluff, wind-blown scratch, and sunbaked muck, and reports that she felt “strong and stable,” and that the bindings transferred her energy during both squiggly and sweeping turns. Designed with ounce-counters and long-distance tourers in mind, it has a detachable nylon-weave cable leash instead of brakes (saving weight and cost). Upgraded stainless-steel toe jaws clamp tight into tech-binding-compatible boots. The heelpiece is made from light-but-sturdy plastic, and features a steel heel riser that sits on the edge of the binding, engaging only when you turn it to climbing mode. “Keeping things simple really pays off. Heel lifts are easier than ever to twist into place mid-stride, so I adjusted them more often as the pitch of the skin track changed,” says one tester. “My calves thanked me at the end of the day!” $350; 1 lb. 8 oz. per pair; dynafit.com

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