Editors' Choice Gold Award: Evernew Titanium Non-Stick Cookware

Eat well and carry less with these perfect pots.

Three indisputable truths: Backpackers love good camp food, love lightweight gear, and hate cleaning pots—especially when half of the meal is burned to the bottom. Let us add a fourth: Backpackers who do any cooking more advanced than boiling water should carry one of Evernew’s cooksets.

The titanium makes them featherlight and nearly as tough as a Dutch oven; the nonstick coating guarantees you’ll never spend an hour chiseling off heat-welded crud; and folding rubberized handles make for easy packing and handling (without easy-to-lose accessories). Yes, there are cheaper non-titanium options, but none that will perform this well and last for decades. And with 34 models of pots, billies, and fry pans to choose from, there’s one for every hiker. Here are three of our favorites (evernewamerica.com):

» Solo Titanium Non-Stick 0.9-Liter Pot ($58; 5 oz.)

Why It’s the thru-hiker standard, with room inside for your stove and canister.

» Two people Titanium Non-Stick 1.9-liter pot with rubberized folding handle ($72; 9 oz.)

Why Accommodates a two-person prepackaged dinner and two hot drinks.

» Group Titanium Non-Stick Pot Set with Handle 1.9L + 2.6L ($150; 1 lb. 3 oz.)

Why Get one pot for boiling water, another for cooking entrees.

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