Editors' Choice 2009 Gold Award: MSR MugMate Coffee Maker

The ultimate solution for backcountry coffee–fast, ultralight, and fuss-free.

We’ve seen Editors’ Choice trips nearly implode when coffee ran short. So when our staff java fiends say the one-ounce MugMate, introduced in 1997, makes lethal-strength joe with less weight and hassle than any other method, you can be certain of this–we’ve tried everything else. Think of it like a camp coffee cone without the paper filter. Just fill it half full with medium-grind coffee, set it in your cup, and pour hot water through. Want a stronger brew? Swish your spork around in the grounds a couple of times. To clean, simply shake the grounds into your garbage bag (or fire) and rinse the gold-plated steel screen. It nests in a standard 12-ounce insulated mug, and it lasts–one editor has used the same MugMate for a decade of highly caffeinated treks. Another even uses hers at home, for brewing tea. $17; 1 oz.; msrgear.com

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