Edelrid Python TouchTec 10mm Climbing Rope

This classic, durable rope now has an added safety feature, which will help prevent accidents and teach good climbing practices.

Brand: Edelrid

Model: Python TouchTec 10mm

Technology Designers employed a unique braiding process to the five meters on either end of the cord: Darker and thicker outer strands stand out above the others, giving the ends of the rope a distinct look and a noticeably rougher feel. Testers love this feature because it offers a visual and tactile heads-up that they’re at the end of the rope, making it great for the longer pitches that are common on mountaineering routes.

Durability The fatter diameter (10 mm) makes it excellent for toproping and alpine objectives where the rope is running over edges and through cracks. Through three months of regular use, Edelrid’s Thermo Shield finish kept the yarns in the sheath compact, which prevented them from fraying or fuzzing up—a crucial feature for smoother clipping, belaying, and rappelling. Keeping the sheath in good condition also means the strength-giving core stays protected, thus lengthening the rope’s overall lifespan.

$190 (60 m), $230 (70 m); 64 g/m; scarpa.com/edelrid

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