Eagles Nest Outfitters Helios Hammock Suspension System

Hammock suspenders

Brand: Eagles Nest Outfitters

Model: Helios Suspension System

The splice-lock tension system on these straps (also found in REI’s rigging) works like a fingertrap toy: When there is no weight in the hammock, the outer rope slides up and down the inner rope to easily adjust. When someone climbs in, the outer rope cinches down, holding the entire system in place. “Once you select your trees it takes less than two minutes to set everything up using the Helios straps,” said our tester after a 20-mile hammock-camping adventure through Mississippi’s Black Creek Wilderness. Note: At 8’2” the standard version we tested isn’t quite long enough for all hang sites, but the new Helios XL straps ($45) come in at a versatile 13’5”.

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