Dynafit Transalper 3L

If you're an ultralight obsessives or a fastpacker who wants the absolute lightest shell, this softshell is the one for you.

Brand: Dynafit

Model: Transalper 3L Jacket


This 3-layer shell uses a super-light polyurethane (PU) membrane. Breathability is good, but not great. We steamed up on the uphills on rainy, 40°F hikes in the Pacific Northwest.


Swiss cheese-style holes at the armpits in both the front and back dump heat.


The fabric turned back Alaskan drizzle and Seattle all-day soakers without fail, and a flap guards against leaks at the pit vents. Gripe: The sleeves are oddly short, which leaves wrists exposed on even average-size hikers.


Too small for all but the slimmest climbing helmets, the bare-bones hood is lined with elastic around the face. “You have to pick either shielding your face or preserving peripheral vision, not both,” notes a tester.


“I can easily ball it in one hand,” says an Alaska tester.


The 7-denier nylon fabric uses high-torque (twisted) threads, which add strength without weight. We wore it in some tiny slot canyons and it held up.


The price you pay for rock-bottom weight: zero pockets.

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