DPS Wailer 112RP2 Tour1 Skis

These playful, floaty skis let us dance through fresh powder.

Brand: DPS Skis

Model: Wailer 112RP2 Tour1


The shape of this ski is all about hovering over deep snow: The shovel (the whole front section of the ski) is extra fat so you don’t have to work to keep your tips afloat. It’s a subtle difference that allows for better body positioning (you don’t have to lean back to maintain control in powder).


Despite its girth, the Tour1 is light enough for all-day climbing and stable enough to descend just about anything, too. But let it loose in the deep stuff, as one tester did on Colorado’s Berthoud Pass? “I felt like the skis clicked into autopilot. It was effortless.”


Considering their width, the Tour1s are superlight thanks to full-cap construction and balsa wood (the lightest wood used in skis) in the core. Carbon and fiberglass add stiffness without weight. Ouch: The Tour1 is nearly $250 more than the next most expensive ski here. But if you’re a backcountry powder junkie, it’s worth every penny. Money-saving alternative: DPS offers this ski with a different core at a lower price, but they’re a little heavier and don’t perform at the same level.

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