Dolomite Tamaskan 1.5

Best ounce-for-ounce boot

Brand: Dolomite

Model: Tamaskan 1.5



2lbs. 8oz.

Our take The Tamaskan cribs its standout feature set from a brawny mountaineering boot, then tweaks the package for less-technical pursuits. It kept us moving quickly and comfortably over snowy or muddy terrain at a weight that belies its utility. While we speed-hiked in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains the sneaker-like feel had us racking up miles, and an integrated gaiter allowed us to power through snowdrifts above Wolf Creek Pass without admitting snow. Bonus: We appreciated not needing to thaw out frozen laces (thanks to the gaiter) during quick in-the-field adjustments.

The details Beefy lugs on the Vibram Ghiaccio outsole’s perimeter gripped while we sidehilled, but we wished the crescent-shape Arctic Grip lugs directly under the foot were deeper for soft snow (though they did stick well to ice and hardpack). And 200 grams of PrimaLoft Gold Eco insulation was plenty for hikes around 30°F; anything lower and our toes felt cold.

$250, 2 lbs. 8 oz.; m’s 5-13, w’s 7-10