Document It: Field School

Take your new tools to the trail to master the skills you'll need to navigate, record, and share your best adventures.

Plan It: New Tools, New Rules | Document It: Field School | Organize It: The Cutting Room | Share It: All the World’s a (Cyber) Stage | Hike It: 4 Big Trips Made Easy

Relive your trip again and again with iconic photos, high-level movies, and a GPS tracklog.

Capture Classic Images and Record Your Hike

Learn how to take great images, log your trip on your gps, and more.

Make a Movie

You don’t have to be Spielberg or Scorsese to make a great movie. Here’s how to shoot your own masterpiece.

Essential Tips

In camp, on_trail, up high-we’ve go the tips for getting the digital goods.

Trail Tested Tech

A waterproof camera, killer gps devices, top video cameras, and more.