3-Person Tent Reviews

Decathlon 2 Second Fresh & Black Three Person Tent

Best for kids

Brand: Decathlon

Model: Decathlon 2 Second Fresh & Black Three Person Tent



9lbs. 3oz.

For increasingly independent young campers, the Fresh & Black is a smart option for your kids’ first tent thanks to its ease of setup. This shelter is unconventional: It comes in a flat, 3-foot-wide, disc-shape bag held in place by buckles. Once you release the buckles it unfurls to its full size with no pole assembly required, so children can pitch it on their own. “My 7-year-old always wants to do things herself, and had been asking for her own tent,” one parent says. “Because the whole thing just pops into place, it was easy for her and a friend to set up.” The tent has 41 square feet of floor space, but the interior feels much smaller due to low ceilings. (Adults can sleep in it, but might have trouble sitting up.) Our parental testers also liked the black-out interior, which kept the tent dark even during the middle of the day for naptime. The Fresh & Black can withstand light rain (it’s double-walled, with the fly permanently attached to the canopy), but it’s not made for severe weather. Note: Guying the tent out and folding it back up will require adult assistance.

$149; 9 lbs. 3 oz.; 3-person