2-Person Tent Reviews

Crux X1 Assault

Innovative fabric eliminates drippy condensation, the bane of singlewall mountain tents.

Brand: Crux

Model: X1 Assault



3lbs. 15oz.

“None, zero, zip,” said our tester of internal moisture after a -10°F night on the flanks of Colorado’s 14,440-foot Mt. Elbert. The secret? Crux’s X-tex fabric, a 50-denier polyester impregnated with activated carbon, which absorbs water vapor and diffuses it through the poly shell. The result: Heads, sleeping bags, and arms that brushed the sides stayed dry. “No need to squish away from the walls,” one tester says.

Eight inches of wet snow? Easy. Gusty 30-mph winds? Whisper quiet. Credit two 8.64-mm, corner-to-corner poles in sturdy, full-length sleeves and a third pole that anchors inside the tent body.

Even in 25-mph winds, it went up in seconds— though blowing snow can find its way in the door when you sit inside to install the third pole.

Expect to get cozy—the 47-inch-wide floor barely fits two sleeping pads. Plus, says our tester, “moving in and out of the single door requires finesse to avoid kicking your buddy.”

Minimal, but the 9.7-square-foot Cuben Fiber vestibule holds boots and packs.

$695; 3 lbs. 15 oz.; crux.uk.com