Camp Tools

Cookset Review: Brunton IB

An aluminum cookset that's light in your pack and on your wallet.

Perfect for two ultralighters on the move, the IB (or “Itty Bitty”) consists of two nesting pots with foldout handles, a lid with an innovative double rim that fits either pot equally well, and a mesh storage sack. The 1.25-quart pot is tall and slender-just the right height and diameter to carry two standard stove cartridges-with a wide flange around the rim that allows it to serve as the bottom of a double boiler. The wider 1.5-quart pot is ideal for two-person trail meals. During weeks of continuous use atop stoves that throw concentrated fire like a blowtorch, our tester was impressed by the good heat distribution, which kept food from burning to the pot. Cleanup, while not as quick as with nonstick, was no big deal. The only downside: The uninsulated handles heat up quickly.

Price: $32

Weight: 9.4 oz.