Columbia Irico Freezer Pant

Heat-beating bottoms

Brand: Columbia Sportswear

Model: Irico Freezer Pant



1lbs. 2oz.

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For full-coverage protection on the hottest days of the year, pull on these airy trousers. The Irico’s 30-denier nylon/elastane blend breathed well and wicked superfast even on sunny, 85°F degree slogs through sandy washes in southern Utah thanks to the proprietary Omni-Freeze Zero tech: Thousands of small rings on the interior accelerate the sweat evaporation process by swelling to soak up moisture, which also triggers a chemical reaction in the proprietary polymer that creates a cooling sensation (yep, the system really works). Two zippered hip pockets and one thigh pocket hold items like lip balm or an energy bar. Caveat: Although the Irico’s 13 percent elastane material stretches well, it became scuffed up after just a weekend of shimmying through slot canyons in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Bonus: The Irico’s weave is tight enough to block most insect bites.$110; 1 lb. 2 oz. (m’s 32); m’s 28-44; w’s 2-16