BUFF ThermoNet Neckwarmer

Most eco-friendly

Brand: Buff

Model: Thermonet Neckwarmer




Our take A BUFF is among the most versatile winter layers we carry, and this new version is warmer—and eco-friendly—to boot. The new ThermoNet line is woven from a PrimaLoft yarn that’s composed of 70 percent recycled plastic. The microfiber fabric wicks well and doesn’t lose warmth when wet, properties which came in handy on soggy snowshoes through New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Even diehard wool BUFF fans begrudgingly admitted that the ThermoNet won the warmth contest hands down.

Trail cred “The switch from powering uphill to
standing around during
lunch usually gets my teeth chattering as the sweat around my neckline cools,” one tester says. “This BUFF eliminated excess moisture and kept me warm until we were ready to move out.”

$27; 2.1 oz.; one size