Brunton Profile Grill

The ultimate stove: anywhere, anytime, any gas

Brand: Brunton Gear Reviews

Model: Profile Grill

Finally. For years, we’ve been hunting for a multifuel stove that burns both liquid gas and canister fuel, burns them equally well, and easily converts from one mode to another. The Universal is that stove—and possibly the last one you’ll need to buy. We cooked it side-by-side with a half-dozen current and past multifuel stoves, and testers from BACKPACKER and CLIMBING reached this verdict: It burns as hot and efficiently in liquid-fuel mode as any; it performs better in subfreezing and high-altitude conditions; and its field-fixable and -cleanable construction gives it an advantage in a category notable for the importance of durability (a failed stove would have ended our trip in Chile, as we had to melt snow for drinking water).

Even better, it solves the two challenges historically plaguing multifuel stoves: lackluster performance in canister mode, and clunky conversion processes with too many steps or pieces. In controlled conditions, it beat every other multifuel stove in boil-time tests with canisters, and compared favorably with (and even beat some) dedicated canister stoves, especially in cold temps. That’s unprecedented, and it’s due to engineering that inverts the canister and burns the fuel evenly. The technology, called AirControl, adjusts the oxygen/fuel mix to prevent the steep tail-off commonly seen as fuel pressure drops. And switching modes only requires two steps: swapping jets on the head of the fuel line, and attaching the new nozzle to the fuel pump (liquid gas) or canister.

Testers had two gripes—priming can be futzy, and you must take care not to lose several small parts—but overall they agreed with an editor who called it “the new benchmark for stove versatility.” $140; 11.5 oz. (liquid-fuel mode); 9.5 oz. (canister-fuel mode); cascadedesigns.comThe new Profile Grill lets campers bring the thrill of the grill to the campsite without the muss and fuss of charcoal. A cast Iron grate evenly cooks food, while the grill delivers over 200 sq inches of cooking surface for many cooking applications. Low profile design allows a person to store in many places. Integrated carry handle for easy carrying. Flexible fuel hose allows for versatile fuel location.

Key Features:

Low profile design for easy storage
10,000 BTU Stainless burner
Integrated windscreens for efficient burner use
Flexible fuel hose for versatility in fuel placement
Cast Iron grate for even heat dispersion
Over 200 Sq Inches of cooking area
Twist piezo ignition
Weight: 10.5 lbs.

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