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Boom Movement Swimmer Speaker Review

High quality sounding bluetooth speaker is multi-sport ready.

Brand: Swimmer Speaker

Model: Boom Movement




Bargain sound

Like packing music to share? You’ll love this affordable Bluetooth speaker, which delivers innovative design, quality sound, waterproofing, and long battery life (around a week) for just $60. Testers loved the bendable, 6.2-inch tail—use it to make a stand or secure the tennis-ball-size speaker to just about anything. “First thing I do when I set up camp is fasten the loop to a thin tree limb,” says one Colorado tester.

Says another: “I tether it to my bike’s top tube and jam tunes on long rides.” The IPX7 rating means it can handle nearly 30 minutes of submersion. And sound is good: “While some lower end frequencies wash out, it handles a range, from subdued acoustic music to dense electronic arrangements,” says our audiophile. $60; 12.8 oz.;