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Blyss Trail Skirt

The best natural-striding skort of 2021.




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Confession: We’ve never really liked wearing skorts on the trail, usually finding their confining fit a poor tradeoff for breathability. But the Trail Skirt’s freedom of movement and storage capacity have turned us into converts, especially for trail runs and short hikes without a pack. Stretchy undershorts with a 5-inch inseam and an elastic hem stayed in place on our thighs during runs and hikes in Arizona and Colorado. Two drop thigh pockets on the undershorts hold a phone and energy bar each, and a 7-inch zippered pocket at the back of the thick waistband provided even more space for comfortably storing keys, headphones, or credit cards—all of which barely bounced around as we moved. Mesh side paneling on the skirt kept it breathable in temps up to 100°F near Sedona, and side slits made it flowy enough for us to sidestep and jump over fallen trees without it ripping.

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