Black Diamond Helio Fixed Length Carbon Pole

Swing weight matters, which is why we love these featherlight poles.

Brand: Black Diamond Gear Reviews

Model: Helio Fixed Length Carbon Pole

Sometimes superior gear is so simple. Take the Helio poles, which we love for no reason other than that they’re light. Absurdly light. Constructed entirely of carbon fiber, a pair of Helios weighs just 9 ounces. But they’re no toothpicks: Black Diamond uses a process called “inflation molding,” which allows them to squeeze all of the air out of the carbon fibers, essentially compressing them so they can fit more fibers into the same space. Our pair survived a season of hard testing in Colorado, Alaska, and British Columbia and even passed through the hands of one tester who is notorious for snapping poles (“I destroyed three pairs this season,” he boasts). There’s no extra hardware or telescoping metal—typically the part of the pole that breaks first—because they’re just one piece (available in four sizes) with a hand strap and powder basket. Ultralighters can make their backcountry setups that much lighter, while folks who routinely break poles (you know who you are) will be able to rationalize the steep price. 115cm, 120cm, 125cm, 135cm

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