Bending Branches Expedition Plus

Canoe paddle

Brand: Bending Branches

Model: Expedition Plus



1lbs. 8oz.

Our take Canoeing is a simple, time-honored pastime, so there’s
no need to bog it down with too many bells and whistles. But why not spend a few extra dollars on a fine piece of craftsmanship? Wood is pricier and less durable than plastic, but the Expedition Plus is tougher, more powerful, and more aesthetic than most wood paddles. An 18-laminate basswood shaft feels super-sturdy in hand, while a blade made from five basswood laminates and rigid red alder thwarts dings from errant rocks. A blade edge and lower shaft wrapped with urethane makes it even tougher.

River cred “I didn’t have to worry about prying off rocks and messing
up this beautiful work of art,” says one tester who paddled it on Colorado’s Hahns Peak Lake.