Balega Blister Resist Crew Socks

These hiking socks' slick fibers thwart blisters.

Brand: Blister Resist Crew Socks

Model: Balega





True story: Halfway through a weekend trip near Colorado’s Kebler Pass, one tester got the worst friction blister of his life and could feel another one starting on his other foot. He swapped his socks out for these Balegas and averted the impending crisis. Credit the superfine goat mohair fibers that create a friction-free barrier between foot and shoe. Plus, the mohair is interwoven with Balega’s moisture-wicking polyester fibers.


The elastic band around the midfoot and a deep heel pocket help the sock maintain shape during extended use, as we discovered after wearing them for five days straight in the eastern Sierras. Also available in quarter- height and no-show. Bonus: sweet price.

$15; 1.8 oz.