Backcountry Access BC Link

Communicate with backcountry partners up to 3 miles away with this easy-to-use radio.

Brand: Backcountry Access

Model: BC Link




EASE OF USE Stow the wallet-size base unit in your pack and clip the beeper-size mic to your shoulder strap or collar. The Link allows you to receive and send calls without unearthing the walkie from the depths of your pack. With just three small knobs (volume, channel, and “Push to Talk”), the mic unit makes this communication device simple to use on the fly, even with gloves on.

BATTERY LIFE The advertised 140 hours of battery life in standby is well above average. (With periodic use, we ran it to 90 hours—also better than most competitors we’ve tried.) USB charging is gravy.

$150 per radio; 12 oz.;