Atlas Helium-MTN

Best stride

Brand: Atlas

Model: Helium-MTN



3lbs. 2oz.

This sub-4-pound snowshoe is one of the lightest on the market—and it possesses a secret weapon: flexibility. The Helium-MTN’s deck is made out of a proprietary polymer that allows it to bend much more easily and in colder temps than other snowshoes that use composite materials (about a third of the market). At -20°F in Denali, we found that we could bend it almost 90 degrees with our hands without it snapping; flexibility and the light weight promote a natural stride, and we didn’t trip over ourselves even at the end of an exhausting, all-day trek. However, those anticipating lots of climbing should take note: The back 7 inches of the deck lack teeth, leading testers to lose their footing on hills. Instead, the Helium has plastic louvers pointed rearward that provide grip in flatter terrain.

$220; 3 lbs. 2 oz. (23 inches); 23 inches, 26 inches