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Arc’teryx Procline Ar Carbon

Best ski boot for mountaineering from the Fall/Winter 2018 Gear Guide.

Brand: Arc'teryx

Model: Procline Ar Carbon


When Arc’teryx first launched the mountaineering-focused Procline two years ago, we called it the most agile ski boot we’d ever tried and gave it an Editors’ Choice Award. Its revolutionary two-part carbon cuff system allows the ankle to rotate forward and back more than 75 degrees and laterally 35 degrees—first-of-its-kind mobility for a ski boot. Its only flaw? It’s just OK on descents. Enter the AR: It’s still got the 360-degree cuff system, but it adds a more rigid shell, an integrated (stronger) tongue, and more robust buckles for stiffness and power transfer (with a flex of 110). 


Two buckles, a cable, and a wide powerstrap lock down in ski mode. The ski- specific liner is a hair warmer than the climbing one, but the closed-cell foam still left our tester with cold toes on 20°F spring missions in the Cascades. 


“I felt confident sidehilling in a no-fall zone and scrambling through loose scree in Grand Teton National Park,” one tester says. “And I felt rewarded when the ARs carried me and my 106mm-waisted skis back down.”

Weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz. (m’s 27)

Sizes: m’s 25.5-30.5, w’s 23.5-27.5

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