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Apple Watch Series 2

Active smartwatch

Brand: Apple

Model: Watch Series 2




Our take If you were waiting for a more trail-friendly version of Apple’s smartwatch, it’s safe to get off the fence. The Series 2 is water-resistant to 50 meters and it has a built-in GPS. It’s not technically “rugged” like some watches, but you can hike with it in a storm without fear of ruining a $400 piece of equipment. It does the stuff you’d expect from a smartwatch, but hikers will love how it interfaces with the GPS app ViewRanger. It guides you through your hike in real time, telling you when to turn, how far you have until your next bearing, and other stats. Ding: Battery life while running the GPS is only about five hours.

Trail cred “Hiking the millennial way: The Apple Watch vibrates when you have a turn coming up and flashes an impossible-to-miss arrow on the screen when it’s actually time to turn,” says one tester. “You can hate on it for being too techy, but in a downpour, would you rather glance at your watch quickly or try to read a topo?”