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Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner

Editors' Choice Fall 2020 Winner: Heat Booster

Brand: Appalachian Gear Company

Model: All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner




For many of us, cold dread is the most significant barrier to winter camping. After all, who wants to turn into an icicle overnight when you can stay put in the comfort of your heated, definitely-not-filled-with-snow house? But to do so would be to miss out on the joys of tenting during the fourth season: the stillness, the unmarred snow, the solitude.

Trust us, you want that experience. And if you want to do it without shelling out for a new sleeping bag, you need this liner. Its 100 percent alpaca wool construction vaults it over other styles we’ve used. First, it’s admirably toasty: We found that the All-Paca adds about 15°F to your sleep system, so you can press a three-season bag into winter duty without springing for an expensive 0°F model. And rolled up by itself, the liner compresses to about the size of a football.

Second, it’s superstretchy. Synthetic liners may be just as warm—and less expensive—but can feel like straitjackets when you want to change positions. “I’m a restless sleeper, and even more so with the nerves I get before ski missions. But on the night before a spring descent in Colorado’s Gore Range, it allowed me to twist and turn to my heart’s content,” says our Gear Editor.

The All-Paca is soft and smell-resistant, traits that alpaca wool shares with merino. But it’s priced at or below the merino liners on the market, and gets a durability boost from Appalachian Gear Company’s proprietary weaving process. If you’re winter-curious, this liner will give you a warm welcome to cold-weather camping for a reasonable weight and price. $98; 14 oz.