Altra Tushar

Footwear with the best traction

Brand: Altra

Model: Tushar



2lbs. 8oz.

If you can hike there, the Tushar can handle it. This mid-cut boot from Altra—the company’s first true foray into the category, and not just one of their trail running models with a higher cuff—kept us confident and steady across all types of terrain. On an 8.4-mile out-and-back on Smith Rock State Park’s Misery Ridge in Oregon, the proprietary rubber outsole and its 5-millmeter, Y-block lugs chewed through loose snow, ice, gravel, and mud. The outsole also has two long sipes down the center to help clear mud and water from the tread. An EVA-and-TPU midsole feels comfortable under loads up to 25 pounds, and although the boot feels stiff at first it broke in on our first hike. The Tushar’s roomy toebox accommodates foot splay on long hikes (it might not be the best for precise steps, though). Tradeoff: weight.

$200; 2 lbs. 8 oz.; m’s 7-15, w’s 5.5-12