Best anti-fogging tech

Brand: ABOM

Model: HEET

Our take 

No matter the coating, goggles inevitably fog when warm, moist air inside condenses against the cooler lens. The only way to truly banish cloudy lenses is mechanically—in ABOM’s case, via an internal defroster, like a car. The HEETs use a transparent, electronically heated film inside the two-part lens. When you turn the HEETs on, the rechargeable battery warms the lens. The tech itself isn’t new (Oakley has something similar in its PRIZM Inferno), but the HEETs do it best: A new moisture sensor automatically powers the goggle down when it detects dry lenses, conserving battery and saving you another step. (Expect five to 10 hours of use between charges.) Bonus: The HEETs are lower profile than previous iterations from ABOM (and 1.5 ounces lighter), and available in nine interchangeable lenses.

Trail cred 

“No matter how hard I worked—I even toured uphill wearing the HEETs for the sake of science—or what the conditions were like, I couldn’t fog them,” one tester says. “The sensor seemed to notice changing conditions before I did, powering down when the outside temp rose.”


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