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40 Below Camp Booties

Best for tent campers

Brand: 40 Below

Model: Camp Booties




When one tester finally worked up the courage to exit his sleeping bag to shovel snow for water in Colorado’s Indian Peaks, there was no need to slip into damp ski boot liners. Instead, he jammed his durable 40 Below booties straight into his shells. Thanks to a super tough silicone-treated synthetic insulation, a durable nylon face fabric, and a removable footbed, the booties are nigh-indestructible. They never wet out either, even when our tester waded through four inches of wet snow at Shrine Hut outside Vail Pass. A zig-zagging strap over the top cinches tight to your foot to make walking in them comfortable. Caveat: Those durable synthetic materials take up more space in your pack than other options we tested. $80; 10 oz. (sz. M); S-XL