2015 Editors' Choice: Jetboil MiniMo

This stove system packs tiny and does it all: lightning-fast boils, quiet simmers, and everything in between.

Brand: Jetboil Camping Stove Reviews

Model: MiniMo




The Jetboil MiniMo upends what we thought we knew about “personal cook systems,” the integrated stove/pot design that Jetboil pioneered in 2004. Like its predecessors, the MiniMo has lightning-fast boil times (it averaged 2 minutes and 21 seconds for 20 ounces at room temp in our controlled test) and efficient fuel consumption (expect about 9 liters of boiled water for a 3.5-ounce fuel canister). But, unlike all its predecessors, it can actually simmer: We kept a pot of soup over a low flame for nearly 10 minutes without adjusting the stove or scorching our meal. The trick? A larger regulator and more finely tunable fuel flow allow for unprecedented control, even at high elevations.

And while the simmering is what seduced us, we also like the 1-liter pot’s key features: PVC-coated, flip-out metal handles for easier pouring; a stay-put lid with drinking spout and strainer; and an included pot stabilizer and 10-ounce plastic bowl. And if you want more capacity for your elaborately simmered meals, check out the newly redesigned, 1.8-liter Sumo, which uses the same burner. Minor gripes: Simmering worked best in calm, wind-free conditions; canisters larger than 3.5 ounces won’t pack inside the pot; and the Piezo ignition, as is common with such sparkers, had trouble starting at altitudes above 8,000 feet.