A.T. in a Day 2015

BACKPACKER readers covered a total of 1,626 miles along the Appalachian Trail.
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Together, we concurrently hiked 1,626.3 miles with hikers out in each of the states. Big ups to the hiker of Georgia for being the first to 100 percent filled, and also to those in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts for hiking every mile of trail in the state.

By all accounts it was an excellent day (though the same can't be said for the weather everywhere!) and the most spread-out show of support in the AT's long and storied history. Thanks to everyone who laced up, drove out, and helped make the day happen. If you took pics from the day, share them with us at AT1Day@aimmedia.com, or tag them #AT1Day on Instagram.

Don't let your interest in the Appalachian Trail end now. Stay connected with one of these organizations, volunteer, or who knows, maybe plan a thru-hike of your own: backpacker.com/at.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy (appalachiantrail.org)
Appalachian Mountain Club (outdoors.org/volunteer)
Appalachian Trials (appalachiantrials.com)

Big thanks to our pals at Gregory for equipment and for helping make the day possible.

See you out there next year,

Casey Lyons, senior editor