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hiking trail

Shattered on the Pacific Crest Trail

When they wake up broke, broken, and far from home, how do thru-hikers find the will to go another mile?


It's Time to Stop Managing Our Wildlands for Hunters First

Why do we still run our public lands like it’s 1920?


George Atiyeh Was the Hero the Forest Needed

The 72-year-old activist, who passed away last month, used mining claims, scenic flights, hiking trails, and occasionally outright confrontation to protect the Opal Creek Wilderness.

I Voted sticker

Editor’s Note: Take a Hike to the Polls

The results of this fall’s election could change the outdoors for a long time. Make a plan and make your voice heard.


Wolves Won't Wait

In November, Colorado will make history when it lets voters decide whether to reintroduce gray wolves. But the discovery of the state’s first confirmed pack in nearly a century is casting an old debate in a new light.

jogging stroller with baby

How a Jogging Stroller Saved My Outdoor Life

Being a new parent is hard, but being able to share your favorite thing with your baby makes it a little easier.

Appalachian Trail

Ask a Thru-Hiker: How Do I Deal With My Post-Hike Depression?

Getting back to "real life" after a long hike can be rough. But if you feel low after coming home, you're not alone.

Ron Griswell in rain jacket

Ron Griswell Has a Message for Black College Students: The Outdoors Are For You Too

The founder of HBCUs Outside is using gear libraries and hiking meetups to tear down barriers in the outdoor industry.