Out Alive: Sliding Down a Mountain

Out Alive: Sliding Down a Mountain

Taylor Gibler, 26, barreled towards frozen peril after stumbling on Mt. Baker in June of 2020.


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Meeting the Moment

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The Hiker Who Beelined Colorado

Thousands of people hike the Colorado Trail every year, but India Wood had a bolder idea: Hike a 732-mile diagonal, from corner to corner, straight across the state. It would take dozens of maps to do it—and help from a few new friends.

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Deb Haaland Could Be the First Native Secretary of the Interior

After years of slashed environmental regulations, the United States’ public lands need a friend—and hundreds of U.S. representatives, tribal leaders, and even celebrities think Rep. Deb Haaland could be it.

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A Family Thru-Hike in the Year of Covid

Hiking the Appalachian Trail with four kids is tough; figuring out how to do it safely and legally in a pandemic year might seem insurmountably so. But for Olen and Danae Netteburg, two physicians who have spent the last decade working in Chad, it was just another challenge.

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Shattered on the Pacific Crest Trail

When they wake up broke, broken, and far from home, how do thru-hikers find the will to go another mile?


It's Time to Stop Managing Our Wildlands for Hunters First

Why do we still run our public lands like it’s 1920?


George Atiyeh Was the Hero the Forest Needed

The 72-year-old activist, who passed away last month, used mining claims, scenic flights, hiking trails, and occasionally outright confrontation to protect the Opal Creek Wilderness.

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Editor’s Note: Take a Hike to the Polls

The results of this fall’s election could change the outdoors for a long time. Make a plan and make your voice heard.