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Wolves Protected on the Endangered Species List Once Again

The drama-filled wolf management saga continues...

This story might have more episodes than The Land Before Time. Idaho and Montana wolves returned to the Endangered Species List, protecting them from hunters and taking away control from individual state regulations.

Judge Donald Molloy threw the wrench in the plans of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the committee responsible to set wolf hunt rules and regulations in their August 16th meeting.  Molloy said the prior decision to de-list was a political solution but lacked coherence with the Endangered Species Act. Furthermore, the entire population of Rocky Mountain wolves should be protected; the wolves cannot be separated by state. Wyoming’s wolf population was still on the Endangered Species list, while the wolves of Montana and Idaho were de-listed. 

 What the ruling means: wolves south of Interstate 90 (in northern Idaho) have flexible protection – a rancher can kill a wolf attacking his stock or dogs. Wolves north of I-90 have rigid protection: the rancher loop hole doesn’t apply.

 For a quick Idaho/Montana wolf timeline: they were on the list in 1974, off the list in 2008, on the list later 2008, off the list 2009 (and people hunted them), back on the list 2011…right at this moment.

In 2008, the wolf population in the Northern Rockies was on the brink of recovering. In 2009, the Rockies boasted a record 1,645 member wolf population (and a wolf hunt followed). Now they are protected once again, and their numbers should increase.

 Running score: Environmentalists – 3 Politicians – 2 


So the real question remains: Are the wolves winning: how many is too many?


Stay tuned for the next chapter, or read the old ones!

The Land Before Time I: Unhappy Conservationists, The Land Before Time II: Lots and lots of wolves!, The Land Before Time XV: D-list, The Land Before Time XCIV: D-list official (we were kidding before?)


 - Rachel Kiely


Sep 05, 2012

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Aug 10, 2010

Nate 2012 you have no idea what you are talling about I live in North west Montaqna i have seen what the wolf has done to the deer and elk population here around euraka there is 8 packs running in a small area a wolf will eat a DEER A WEEK there ia about 128 wolves time that by 52 and that is 6656 deer in a year what are they going to eat when the deer and elk are gone. They are puttting a drain on the population of deer and elk letts put them in your backyard Nate

Aug 10, 2010

I find it amazing how you can discribe in such detail the "rush of adrenaline" you assume hunters get from "committing murder." I have never hunted a wolf, probably wouldn't if given the chance. I do hunt. To say that hunters get this "high," again your words not mine, from the act of killing something would be the same as saying that the enjoyment we get from hiking is merely from wearing a backpack and walking around. I also come from a farming background, you know, were food you eat really comes from not the supermaket. If you eat anything that comes from an animal or animal by products, I hate to tell you this, someone killed it. Sorry they do not die of old age or committ suicide. To kill an animal in a controlled herd is no different. As far as the wolf, I wish him the best, and offer this advise, stay away from cows and "cowards".

Nate 2012
Aug 08, 2010

With half a day's investigation into this, I find it tediously inevitable that there is virtually a 100% affiliation, in these opposing states, to the NRA (National Rifle Association) and each Senator for each state of Idaho and Montana are fully signed up members. Also no fluke that Lynn Scarlett (who reversed the Endangered Species decision in 2009) has made her way to the top by lecturing, writing about, and actively promoting incentive-based environmental policies. The proposed cull number of the Wolf would inevitably involve a huge government backed program running into many millions of dollars. The NRA would be at the heart of any such funding, for obvious reasons. The real 'incentive' would appear to be clear then? Again the poor Wolf is made scape-goat for a money spinner. However, it is the so-called 'Sportsman' who's voices worry me more than the ranchers!

I admire the skills of a true 'tracker', yet even the Native Americans respected the Wolf. Most Wolf head-dresses were only taken from those Lupus found dead, or was obtained by a one-off 'right of passage'. In this age where our every conceivable need is catered for, the average person has nether the NECESSITY nor REQUIREMENT to kill any animal indiscriminately. It is repulsive! If we are to hunt, then let's remove the trappings of our currently spoilt human existence, with our supermarkets, monetary system, safe homes, and other materialistic creature comforts, and return to a true 'Hunters' life; Killing for survival only with due respect given to the wild and mother nature as they deserve and require. 'Hunting' these days is a mere rush of adrenaline, the 'high' felt from committing murder in a predominantly one-sided affair. If you can track a Wolf until you find one, I respect your acumen, but any moron and coward can fire a trigger on something defenseless. Especially something that would rather have nothing to do with you in the first place. It is a tragedy of the human condition that we cannot help but continually attempt genocide on our own and other species. It MUST stop! But then I am reminded of the ancient Cree text that says,

"Only when the last tree has died and
The last river has been poisoned and
The last fish has been caught,
Will they realize that
We cannot eat money"


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