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So You Want to Be a Gear Tester?

Backpacker just got back from a week-long gear testing trip in Colombia. Get a glimpse at what we did while we were there.

Backpacker takes gear testing seriously. How seriously? We just got back from a week-long trip to the Páramo de Ocetá in the highlands of Colombia. Find out what went on behind the scenes with this exclusive peek.


  1. dodsonmd

    the gear reviews are excellent here on Backpacker. but they’re really oriented to younger travelers, i.e. under 40. i’d like to see more reviews that target the more senior hikers, like >65 y/o. i’m in that group, so some testers also in that group would be welcome.
    PS: i’m available

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  2. nixvan-zyl

    No doubt about it! I love writing reviews, I love hiking and being in nature, wish I could do It more. If I had more gear I’d go further. I’m starting to check out a trip to South Africa for early Next year and will definitely have a look into something adventurous. For now I have to settle for the GR hikes in Mallorca, it’s the perfect time of year and I have some camping ideas with my SUP, but need to get gear for these.

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  3. malonejr

    I use these recommendations and hints during most of my outings…so much easier when it is the middle of the rainy night and you have that video or article to call back on.
    I have been having to test my own gear as I don’t see reviews on some of the equipment I own.
    (of course, I use some of my gear when I deploy with the military, it is nice to see the looks while they compare)

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  4. paulfrank

    I can see if every little thing you did had to be documented with video, still picture and written and oral recording, a lot of the fun is taken out. On the other hand, I’m sitting in my office, no windows, and I have to record all of my contacts with our clients. Which day would I rather wake up to?

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