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Trail Chef: How To Bake Cake…In An Orange

Use this fun and fruity backcountry recipe to make a tasty dessert that the kids (and you) will love

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  1. 5 Incredibly Useful Backcountry Baking Techniques | The NOLS Blog

    […] This fun camping tip has become popular in the past few years. Though some may find it impractical for true backcountry use, it’s great for car camping or if you have room to bring fruit and don’t mind carrying out the peel. Cut the top quarter off of an orange and carefully remove and eat the fruit without breaking through the rind. Fill the rind two thirds of the way with prepared cake or muffin batter. Replace the orange top and wrap the whole thing carefully in aluminum foil. Cook on hot coals, rotating a few times for even cooking. Get more details from our friends at Backpacker magazine here: […]

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