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Survival Skills: Start a Fire with Your Cellphone

Editor-in-Chief Jon Dorn shows you how to get a fire going with nothing but your cellphone, a piece of steel wool, and some tinder.


  1. tgns67gmail-com

    I realize that you’re talking emergency survival here but this is not safe.
    There is a lot to consider when shorting the posts of a battery. Lithium Ion batteries can be deadly when they explode and shorting the contacts is not a good idea.

    Further, who carries steel wool? Is it something you just find in the wild? No.
    I can’t think of a situation where I will have steel wool around when I suddenly find myself in an emergency survival need. Maybe during the zombie apocalypse?

    I would suspect that people might see this try to use something other than steel wool to short their batteries. Which will be even more dangerous because they won’t have the fine threads of metal that can burn away and open the shorted circuit on the battery. Very dangerous!

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