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Eddie Bauer First Ascent Gear Preview

Climbing guru Peter Whittaker gives Backpacker a preview of a new line of gear from Eddie Bauer.

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  1. talker2

    Eddie Bauer First Ascent her is (mostly) very well designed and of high quality. I have and EB First Ascent”Down Sweater” and down vest with Storm Down (Down Tek DWR). Both are well made.

    I also have an EB Karakoram 0 Storm Down sleeping bag and it has a few glaring errors in an otherwise nice bag.

    1. Namely the “neck” collar is really more like a “nipple” collar since that is where it falls on me (5′ 10″, 180 lbs.)
    2. The collar is not wide enough (It’s sewn as a “raised box” attached on TWO edges instead of one.)
    3. The collar has NO drawstring.
    4. The collar had NO Velcro to attach bottom ant top ends at the zipper side.
    5. The sleeping bag zipper has NO Velcro closure at the top to keep it from opening accidentally when you roll around in your sleep.

    I think the designer of the “nipple” collar either doesn’t like collars or has never actually used the Karakoram bags in cold weather – or at all.

    THIS BAG IS GOING BACK TO EDDIE BAUER. (Back to the drawing board for you EB, and find some guides who actually USE this bag before approving it. Then make them put their name on the product so we know who tested AND approved it.)

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