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How to Hang a Bear Bag–PCT Style

This method is popular with ultralight thru-hikers and requires two materials that you don't normally carry (cord and carabiner). Like all bag hangs, it can be foiled by smart, food-conditioned bruins. Check regulations to make sure bag hangs are legal.

Photos by Jennifer Howe /


  1. 诺娅科普 | 野外遇见熊了,咋办? - 张诺娅

    […] 2. “被动型防御”–熊挂。“Bear Hang”即把食物挂在树上。此举最重要的部分就是找树:这棵树起码要4米高、有一根1.5米左右的枝干;挂好的熊袋子需离地3米以上。具体悬挂方法见此。 这是AT上常见的食物处理方法,但它最大的弊端就是:黑熊和老鼠都会爬树。诺娅认为这种方法最不靠谱。类似的还有防熊的背包、电栅栏等等。 […]

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