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How To Clean Your Camera’s Sensor

Sand and dust in your digital camera can ruin those once-in a lifetime shots. Here's how to eliminate them from SLR or Micro 4/3rds cameras.

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  1. nwphil

    Please do some research before you post such misleading information:
    – first you should never use compressed/can air directly into the sensor, and even into the mirror assembly area can be problematic – not to mention that it will move the dust to other areas deeper inside the camera.
    – secondly, wet cleaning should be performed only when the dust is “welded” to sensor filter or it’s oil.
    last but not least, decent quality tools should be used, as not all work well for all sensors and a low quality cloth /tissue might end leaving more dust behind- for instance, Sony sensors are a bit more finicky with gel/sticky wands

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